Tyler Warren Flying on a mini simmons

Tyler Warren Flying on a mini simmons

Tyler warren exploring the speed that you can get from a tiny flat board with a huge concave and 2 fins.

The Surf Nomad scored a Thomas Bexon “Le Nard” Mini Simmons a couple of years ago and it opened up a whole new world for us. At the time we were looking for a new experience. We had been riding fish and single fins and trying out a whole bunch of different shapes then we stumbled across this board hidden behind the cash register in notorious northern beaches hipster enclave Sugar Mill.

They took a credit card imprint and let us take it for the day as a demo. Two hours on it in mushy 1 foot onshore close outs at Curly and we rang them and said “Ring her up boys!” there was no way we were litting this little puppy slip through our fingers. The Lenard remains a solid summer favourite to this day.


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