Ryan Birch Tweakin on boards

Ryan Burch Tweakin on Boards

 Tweakin’ on Boards is something we do a lot at The Surf Nomad.

How long is it? How much volume? Wow it has a really low entry rocker, I bet it flies huh? Are all questions that crop up in pretty much every conversation we have.  It makes it hard to buy a loaf of bread and causes you to spend hours doing the rounds of the local board stores but tweakin on boards is a more healthy addiction than meth right?

The only thing that The Surf Nomad loves as much as talking about boards and is other dudes talking about theirs. Ryan Burch is an innovative young shaper from California that we first saw in Cyrus Sutton’s film “Stoked and Broke”. The following are exerpts from a short film shot in 2009 by Ryan Thomas’ short film “Tweakin on Boards”. It features Ryan Burch doing just that. We love your Stoke Ryan keep smashing out the mad boards.

This clip features a lot of finless craziness. We’ve seen Ryan jamming on a 4′ block of styrofoam before and it seems that he has as much fun without fins as he does with them. The Surf nomad is yet to get the hang of finlessness but for those that have it dialled in all we can say is Whoot!

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