Ryan Burch our unrequited Bromance

The Surf Nomad loves Ryan Burch

Ryan Burch’s Surfboards are the vanguard of modern surfing design

Once again the Surf Nomad finds himself getting slightly excited watching a young man getting wet. Oh shut up we don’t mean it like that. We’re in love with his mind you pervs. Ryan Burch is reinventing the surfboard in a way that works for him. He has completely broken through the thruster conspiracy and is trying new and awesome things every single day.

Even we used to have the problem where we thought that riding a board that was not a thruster would fuck up your surfing on a thruster. We at The Surf Nomad now realise that, if you give yourself up to the board and what it is capable of then you will find yourself enjoying an entirely new experience that you simply wont get from 3 fins.

Don’t believe us? Well go get onto a twin fin or a single or something crazier whatever. Take a week or 2 to dial the thing in and find out how it works. Come to understand the effortless speed that comes from a Twinny and how to utilise it. Come to feel the glide and carve that can only be achieved on a single fin. Learn to trust in the wave and its effect on the board. That is where the real joy of surfing comes from. Not from scoring points for some fruity gymnastics routine.

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