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Proof Kelly Slater is only 0.003% better than you

If you have read The Surf Nomad’s Manifesto you will know that we have decided that the focus of this site is to highlight aspects of surfing that stray from the mainstream. As such we don’t normally dedicate much page time to the professional surfing fraternity. This is not because we think anything ill of … Continue reading Proof Kelly Slater is only 0.003% better than you

The Surf Nomad loves Ryan Burch

Ryan Burch’s Surfboards are the vanguard of modern surfing design Once again the Surf Nomad finds himself getting slightly excited watching a young man getting wet. Oh shut up we don’t mean it like that. We’re in love with his mind you pervs. Ryan Burch is reinventing the surfboard in a way that works for … Continue reading The Surf Nomad loves Ryan Burch

Cheyne Horan D’bah and Burleigh 1981

Cheyne Horan getting tubed off his nut Duranbah & Burleigh. Footage from Wizards of the Water. Aplogies about the music; its from You Tube. Related Post Alex Knost- Single Fins Surf Legend Larry Bertlemann Uncharted Waters – Wayne… Tyler Warren and Christian Wac… Ryan Burch Smooth Off the Top Mitch Coleborn, Andrew Doheny,… Bondi Beach1978

MR Speaks

Mark Richards telling it all. Great bit of history in this interview and some of his shaping secrets. Related Post Mini Simmons construction at P… Ryan Burch Sacred Shapes Geoff McCoy – Design Thr… Ryan Burch Sea Serpent pt.2 Cheyne Horan Riding McCoy Lazo… Geoff McCoy 2012 Marking Your Mini Simmons Surf…