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Want to be a Pro Surfer?

So you want to be a pro surfer? The Surf Nomad recently had one of our Twitter followers ask us an interesting question. “Do you guys sponsor surfers?” Now the bottom line is, The Surf Nomad is not about all that.  Never the less we are interested in exploring the matters that interest the community that … Continue reading Want to be a Pro Surfer?

Surfboards from history

Some of today’s greatest surfers riding some of the greatest surfboards from history what’s not to love? What do you get when you put a bunch of the best surfers from the present on some of the most legendary surfboards the past present and future.  You get RedBull Decades. This is one of the most intriguing … Continue reading Surfboards from history

Proof Kelly Slater is only 0.003% better than you

If you have read The Surf Nomad’s Manifesto you will know that we have decided that the focus of this site is to highlight aspects of surfing that stray from the mainstream. As such we don’t normally dedicate much page time to the professional surfing fraternity. This is not because we think anything ill of … Continue reading Proof Kelly Slater is only 0.003% better than you