JW Pig Doggin' an 11 footer

Surfboards from history

Some of today’s greatest surfers riding some of the greatest surfboards from history what’s not to love?

What do you get when you put a bunch of the best surfers from the present on some of the most legendary surfboards the past present and future.  You get RedBull Decades. This is one of the most intriguing examinations of the surfboards from history The Surf Nomad has seen to date.

Featured surfers in the RedBull Clips are Jamie O’Brien, Ian Walsh, Julian Wilson and Kolohe Andino among others.  For contrast The Surf Nomad has also included clips of the original surfers riding the boards in question so you can see Greg Noll charging huge pipe for the first time on his 11foot Rhino Chaser, Lopez riding Ulu on his Pipeline cruiser Potts on his Saint Twin Fin and Kelly Slater on his 90’s Channel Island potato chip.

One of the most interesting things about this series is that every one of the featured surfers enjoyed the Greg Noll Rhino Chaser, The Lopez Pipe Cruiser & The Potts T&C Twin Fin  but without exception they struggle on the Slater genie shoe.  Al Merrick sums this up himself saying that  “you can’t have a 190lb person riding a board made for a 140lb guy”.  That said it probably didn’t stop him selling a million of them.  Frankly we at The Surf Nomad never saw any margin in following that particular 90’s trend but we have always liked to do our own thing.

The other interesting thing is that, of all the iconic boards of the past, the one that performs best for the team seems to be martin Potter’s Twin Fin.  Which begs the question, now that surfers are looking to go faster and boost higher than ever before is it possible that we will see the twin fin make a reappearance in competition?  Maybe Tommo will make a twinny? Who knows?  Either way you The Surf Nomad is calling it and you heard it here first.

There are probably some quite cool boards that were omitted from the list that RedBull put together but hey it’s still a pretty cool examination of where board have been and where they are going to from here.

We hope you enjoy the clips

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