Super Session – Surf Legend Larry Bertlemann 16mm Shredding

Surf Legend Larry Bertlemann

Clipped from the movie Super Sessions, one of the original style masters Larry Bertlemann shows how it’s done on a 7′ single fin. Check his fine tuning on the fin jamming it all the way forward in the box and leaving it loose so it flops from side to side.

It wasn’t too long after this that Larry adopted the twin fin which laid the path for MR who rode them to world title status over a decade later. Not only that, Bertlemann’s surfing was the inspiration for a low slung, hard riding skateboarding style that would lead Tony Alva and the Z Boys to become the gods of vert in the late 70s and ultimately give birth to skateboarding as we know it today.

In the way of The Surf Nomad they don’t come much more influential than Bertlemann.


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