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The Search for Surf Nomads

We want you to help us in the Search for Surf Nomads


Throughout the history of surfing there have been many great inventors.  These individuals, not content with the status quo, chose their own paths and in the process changed surfing to its core.  From The Duke who brought surfing to the world and Bob Simmons, an Einstein of hydrodynamics whose genius has taken decades to see the light of day all the way through to modern day Nomads like Ryan Burch with his experiments in asymmetry and Daniel ‘Tomo’ Thompson with his Simmons influenced planing hulls, surfing has always been lead down new and interesting paths by men of vision.

The following video playlist highlights some of the greats of the past whose ideas have formed what we know as modern day surfing.  If their ideas had been lost forever who knows what it would be today.

It is the Surf Nomad’s opinion that there are probably millions of mad surf scientists out there that are not getting any traction in the industry. Whether their inventions are too far away from the current trends that they just seem crazy or because they are simply being drowned out by all the commercial noise from the big players many of these guys may. like Bob Simmons, disappear off the radar with their ideas falling into the realms of the unrealised dream.

Well we want to give them the exposure that they deserve.  Do you know somebody that is experimenting with something crazy and different and getting awesome results but not gleaning any mainstream exposure?  Well The Surf Nomad wants to hear about them talk about them and encourage them.

If you know a true Surf Nomad that is exploring uncharted territory we want to hear about it. Let us know in the comments section below or hit us up on Twitter

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