Sea Badgers

Special K and The Sea Badgers

What the hell are The Sea Badgers?

The Surf Nomad has no idea what that means and really we don’t care. What we do know is that this is a great little clip made my Cyrus Sutton for his epic channel Korduroy TV. There is nothing we don’t like about Cyrus and his work. We also love the crew here out at Keramas ripping it up on their alternative shred sleds. 

It’s so nice to see people riding alternative surf vehicles with such effortless flair. The key is not to try and make them go like your regular short board it is to ride them the way that they are meant to be ridden. You feel us? Well watch the clip and you will see

The bit we like is seeing one of our favourite Aussie shapers Thomas Bexon getting out of shape on his log and losing a fin. Nice work Thomas and thanks for the Le Nard she’s served us well.  We suppose he does kinda look a bit like one of the sea badgers, whatever they are

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