Almost cut his hair

Ryan Lovelace almost cut his hair

Why did Ryan Lovelace almost cut his hair?

To be honest, we have absolutely no idea. If however, like Samson, cutting his hair somehow effects his powers and somehow prevents him from making weird and wonderful surf vehicles, then we hope he never even gets a trim.

OK we feel that we should probably admit at this point that there is a bit of a one way bromance going on between The Surf Nomad and Ryan Lovelace. He doesn’t know it but we like his style and his boards and if that seems like a little to much information then we will just have to say that the heart knows what the heart wants.


Our love and respect for young Mr Lovelace comes from this board that we picked up a couple last year from our favourite candy store The Shop Next Door at Sydney’s Manly Beach.

The one is a 6’10 SB Stub.  We bought it to fill a gap in the quiver left by a 9’2″ longboard that we were sick of lugging around. The idea was to get something super buoyant that we could paddle around on those little days when you normally wouldn’t go surfing.  Taylor at the store suggested that it probably wouldn’t fit in that category but of course The Surf Nomad knows better and wouldn’t let his words of advice stop us from making the purchase.  In hindsight he was totally right and a more challenging vessel you will never encounter. That said, there is still something special about the way it rewards you when you get it right that makes us love it so much that it is unlikely to ever leave us.

Anyway that’s enough about us lets have a look at Ryan. The following videos come from his movie entitled, yep you guessed it, “I almost cut my hair”.  His movie shows the inventive and amazing array of craft that Ryan has designed and built and it’s definitely worth a look if you, like The Surf Nomad are a fan of alternative surfboards.

If you want to see more you can snap up the entire movie from here for a paltry $15.

Well worth the spend we reckon.

Carve On!

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