Ryan Burch shaping demo at Sacred show / ライアン・バーチ、シィピング・デモ

Ryan Burch Sacred Shapes

Watch the young master at work as he carves out some sacred shapes.

We at The Surf Nomad love this kid. Ryan Burch typifies everything that we think is important about the journey that is Surfing. He explores new territories every time he picks up a planer and takes to a block of foam with it. Not content to just ride whatever boards are available Ryan constantly breaks new ground. Surfing would be a whole other thing if there were more like him out there.

This was shot in 2010 at the Sacred Craft Expo in San Diego, California. This was the same year that Ryan won the young guns of shaping award. We also believe that it was a chance meeting with shaping legend Carl Eckstrom at the same expo that has led Ryan on his more recent experiments into asymmetrical shapes which we are a little bit excited about.

The Surf Nomad is keeping a close eye on young Ryan he is shaping up to be a legend who knows he may develop the board that changes surfing forever.  Stay Tuned and carve on.

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