Punta Galea Big Wave Challenge 2014

Punta Galea Big Wave Challenge 2014

Punta Galea Big Wave Challenge 2014, epic contest or epic fail?

Three days ago one of the biggest Atlantic swells ever recorded pounded the coast of Ireland and the UK with the swell buoys recording waves in excess of 50 feet.  24 hours later, with pulses racing, we tuned in to the Punta Galea Big Wave Challenge 2014.  We were expecting to see a classic battle of Man Vs Ocean with guys dropping into gargantuan slabs and, you know, taking their lives in their own hands and making it out the other end alive.

You know something like this…

The Surf Nomad has a special place in his heart for those that charge the big stuff. We believe that anyone that has the nerve it takes to paddle out in the middle of the ocean and latch onto a giant death slab deserves respect.  With that in mind the concept of a competition held in some of the biggest waves on the planet well that has to be a spectacle worth watching right?  An hour or so of watching the participants in the Big Wave Challenge flail and bounce their way down the droopy shouldered lumps out at Punta Galea had us changing our minds.

The ASP really got this one wrong.  In short the entire thing was a farce that would almost have been comedic if it wasn’t so disappointing.  The fact of the matter is that that big wave surfing is about being in the right place at the right time with the right gear. Maybe you just can’t hope to line all those elements up and run a contest at the same time.  Or maybe, just maybe, there are still some parts of the surfing experience that resist the ASP desire to impose a judging system upon them.

The following playlist is made up of the highlights from the Punta Galea big wave challenge from 2014.  Don’t worry there weren’t many so it won’t take long to watch.

The final result?

Mother nature combos the ASP with a solid 50 foot swell and a resounding “you shoulda been here yesterday”.

Better luck next year boys.

Carve On

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