Mathematical Proof that Kelly Slater only .003% better than the average surfer

Proof Kelly Slater is only 0.003% better than you

If you have read The Surf Nomad’s Manifesto you will know that we have decided that the focus of this site is to highlight aspects of surfing that stray from the mainstream. As such we don’t normally dedicate much page time to the professional surfing fraternity. This is not because we think anything ill of those guys. Actually we think they are awesome but so does everybody and as such they get plenty of coverage elsewhere. Today, however we have decided to briefly deviate from tradition because we have just made one of the most significant scientific discoveries in the history of surfing.

This Morning The Surf Nomad was watching a video entitled “THREE DAYS IN BALI WITH KELLY SLATER” made by a guy called Chris Bryan.

The video 4:41 in length which is 281 seconds minus the 16 second intro of Kelly walking which leaves 265 seconds of slow motion surfing. Presuming that the video is encoded at no more than 30 frames per second (fps) which is Vimeo’s highest supported frame rate, you have a total of 265sec x 30frames = 7950 frames of footage shot at 1000fps. A quick calculation tells us that 7950/1000 = 7.95seconds of actual surfing went into this video.

Now admittedly they were 7.95 awesome seconds but the rest of those 3 days some 259192.05 seconds Kelly Slater was just walking around being the same as you and me.

So what does this mean from a scientific perspective?

Well The Surf Nomad believes that this is mathematical proof that Kelly Slater is only 0.003% more awesome than the average surfer.

Raise your game people, the champ is within your grasp. If you don’t believe us, you do the math.

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