Not All Twin Fins are created equal

Not All Twin Fins are created equal

Not all twin fins are created equal

Check out these 2 vids and note Nat Young and Kai Barger riding twin fin fish with keel fins. Check out how they struggle to bring them around. They pretty much have to do a rail grab and reef the thing up onto its rail to get it to cutback.

Part of the problem here is that they are so wide and flat and the fins are set super close to the tail with little or no toe in and very little cant out. The board they are riding is taken from the original Steve Lis fish from the early 70’s and whilst they are super fun down the line they do have issues when it comes to rail to rail turns and hard driving cut backs.

Nat Young

Kai Barger

Now Check out these guys back in the 1980’s In particular check out Dane Kealoha and MR and you can see there is no such issue with their Twinnies

Dane and MR Twin-fin carving, early 1980’s

AT the Surf Nomad we have an Axe to grind about Twins Vs Thrusters but we will save it for another day. Let’s just say that we think that the refinement process of the twin fin should not necessarily entail stepping back to the original early 70’s Keel fin fish which have some pretty big limitations on their performance.

We would love to see someone come up with an evolution of the Twinnie that picks up where Dane and MR left off.


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