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Mini Simmons Fun Fun Fun

Ride a mini Simmons the most fun you can have in public

Mini Simmons

At The Surf Nomad we love surfboards but we don’t get sentimental about them. As far as we are concerned they either contribute to the stoke they are relegated to ebay without a tear shed on their behalf.   A few years back the Surf Nomad scored this pretty pink Paddle Pop.  (a LeNard mini Simmons made by Noosa Heads shaper Thomas Bexon dimensions are 5’3″x22x3″) This little guy has been hanging around for a long time and we thought it might be nice to share some of our reasons why you should ride a mini Simmons.

1 They far and away the most fun you can have on a surfboard in waves under 2′

When we bought little pinky here the guys at the store (the now non existent Sugar Mill) allowed us to take him for a spin before we forked out our hard earned cash.  They took a credit card impression and cut us loose.  The conditions that day were woeful but we spent 2 hours on a crumbly onshore rip bank at our local and it was pure joy.  While other guys in the water were struggling to make something of the pitiful conditions your old Pal Nomad was jamming around sections, chucking buckets of spray and pulling through tiny little barrels with absolute abandon. At the time it was the closest thing we had experienced to the pure stoke of grommethood in 30 odd years of surfing. At the end of the session we never even went back to the store, we just called them up and told them process the charge and he has been with us ever since.

1. Manoeuvrability

The properties of rotational physics are such that the shorter a surfboard is the more easily it will pivot around the fins. Consequently, there is no board that will whip around faster than one of these tiny twin fins. You will find yourself getting into and out of situations that would leave a regular shortboard impossibly bogged down. It isn’t all about flicking the thing around though, the general lack of rocker in a mini Simmons means you can also draw long flowing speed lines and smooth arcing bottom turns. It really is the best of both worlds in waves under head high.

2. Drive

The lack of rocker, a huge planing surface, a heavy concave under your feet large large area twin fins under your back foot equates to DRIVE. These things are fast and will see you effortlessly making sections that would regularly leave you behind on another board.

3. Paddle power

At such a short length you might think that you would struggle to get waves but the combination of a wide planing surface and volume that sits under your torso when paddling means you will grab waves easier than you would on a regular board 7 or 8 inches longer.

4. Convenience

With it’s length under 5 1/2 feet you will never struggle to fit a mini Simmons in your car that’s for sure. While everyone around you is struggling to fit all their crap in the car you and your mini are already gone cos that little puppy just slots in anywhere.

Don’t just take out word for it, check out some of the video’s in this little playlist we put together. Better Still take some inspiration from the guys in them and buy one or make one or do whatever you have to do to get your hands on one. We guarantee that when you ride a mini Simmons you will rethink everything you thought you knew about surfboard design.

mini simmons fun

when you ride a mini Simmons Surfboard you will see it is so much fun that probably shouldn’t be allowed to do it in public. You will rethink everything.

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