an epic surfing partnership

McCoy & Horan an Epic Surfing Partnership

Every so often an epic surfing partnership is forged between a champion surfer and a master shaper.

an epic surfing partnership

It was the Early 1980’s, the era during which surfboard design was arguably at its most experimental.  MR, Potts and half the Hawaiian Contingent were riding Twin Fins. Terry Fitz had the Hot Buttered stable of surf rats test piloting his Bonza influenced Drifta. Simon Anderson was scratching his thatched head in the Narrabeen Pub over a schooner of Resches whilst pondering the possibilities of the Thruster.  Glen Winton was out on a limb with his quad fins. It was an exciting time of innovation.

Within a couple of years everyone would have moved to 3 fins ala Simon’s creation but there were two guys who had been exploring the possibilities of radical plan shapes and bottom curves and how far it was possible to go with just one fin.  This epic surfing partnership was forged out of mutual respect and would see the pair firmly planted in the annuls of surfing’s history forever


The two guys in question were Geoff McCoy and Cheyne Horan.  To this day Geoff has remained true to his theories regarding volume and surfing performance and Cheyne well he never did quite manage to wrestle the title away from MR but hell he sure went close.

The Surf nomad has had a couple of McCoys over the years. The first was a Lazor Zap back in ’82 when they came out.  It was one of the best small wave boards we have ever ridden.  The other was a Nugget back in ’97which was one of the most forgiving and effortless rides we have ever had. Back in the early 80’s a friend of ours even inherited the board pictured above 3rd hand. It was one of the last boards Geoff Made for Cheyne before going to the full blown needle nose Lazor Zap.  It was totally flogged by the time our mate got his hands on it so we gave him a hand by fixing it up as best we could.  Don’t know what happened to it after that but we kinda wish we had it now.

The following playlist show’s Cheyne ripping in his heyday and some fairly recent footage of Geoff giving us the goods on all he has learned from his decades of shaping experience. It’s worth a watch to see just what can be done by a genius shaper and one of the best surfers to ever wax a board.

Carve On!

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