foam is your friend

Foam is your friend

Don’t be afraid, foam is your friend.

We are all getting older and as we do our stamina and paddle strength become lessened it is a simple matter of fact. So what do you do? Sit in the line up and hope that a sneaky set comes through while the groms aren’t looking? Well the Surf Nomad doesn’t take the ageing process lying down. There is plenty of time to lie down when you are dead. In the mean time foam is your friend!

Now logs have their place but that’s is not what the team at The Surf Nomad are about. If we are gonna out paddle the groms we want to out surf the little pricks too and nothing puts an over eager grommet back in his box like like a well placed bucket of spray to the face.

That’s where the Mini Simmons comes in. Imagine a board that has all the paddle power of say a 6’6″ short board but is, let’s say, 5’3″ long. You can put a board like that anywhere you like young captain. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Hydrodynamic Planing Hulls from Hydrodynamica on Vimeo.

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