Do real women surf in bikinis?

Do real women surf in bikinis?

We spotted this clip recently of the amazing Justine Dupont dropping in to some massive kegs out at renowned big wave spot Mullaghmore In Ireland’s County Sligo.  Watching her you can’t deny that this young woman has nerves of steel.

Now The Surf Nomad has to admit that we have not really been very equal in our coverage of male and female surfers in fact we are ashamed to admit that this is the first time we have featured a female surfer.

In an effort to remedy this we started combing the web to find clips that exemplified the spirit of women in surfing.  What we found wasn’t exactly a surprise but never the less it was a little disheartening.

For every clip like the one above featuring Justine there are hundreds like the one below featuring some of the best and brightest young female surfers in the world posing provocatively in bikinis.  Even when the girls are surfing (and ripping we might add) they are wearing the smallest amount of clothing possible.

Don’t get us wrong we at The Surf Nomad are as red blooded as the next guy and we won’t lie by claiming that we don’t enjoy seeing beautiful, strong young women in bikinis but it did bring to mind a couple of questions.

1. Is a Bikini really a functional article of surf apparel?
2. Have any of the male surfing fraternity been asked to model in a similar fashion? We cant recall too many clips of Slater, Medina, Mick and 2 Jons wearing speedos.
3. Are clips like this really appealing to young female surfers or are they some marketing guys fantasy of what a surfer girl should be?

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