Cruising Manly Beach

Cruising with the Nomad

So the surf is flat and you are bored as hell.

You’ve checked the racks of all your local board stores and talked until you are blue in the face with the guys about this shape versus that one, the joys of single fin carving or what volume is right for you but now you are sitting around with nothing to do right?

Well it is times like this that we believe you should ask yourself what would The Surf Nomad do?

One thing’s for sure with the multi hundred dollar social media empire we’re building we are rarely at a loss for something to do. That said we can’t just pluck articles out of thin air. In the interest of remaining productive whilst at the same time changing things up we thought that we would give you guys little insight into How The Surf Nomad Rolls when there are no waves.

The following is a clip we put together while Cruising with the Nomad.  We even punched out a little background music to go with it.  It just goes to show you what you can do with a little time and a few basic editing tools eh?  Aint Technology grand?

What did  you get up to the last time there was a flat spell?  Did you create something awesome?  The Surf Nomad would love to see it or hear about it.

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Carve On!