building a hollow wooden surfboard

Building a hollow wooden surfboard Pt.1

Yes you read right, The Surf Nomad is building a hollow wooden surfboard.

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You may have read one of our recent articles about alternative board builders that are working hard at saving the world from the constantly increasing pile of petrochemical waste generated by the surfboard manufacturing industry.   These guys are using ecologically friendly build methods to create surfboards that not only look amazing but perform as well as a regular foam and glass board, and what’s more will last years longer than a regular surfboard.  You can find the original piece here.

In the course of writing the article your old pal Nomad was forced to take a good long look at himself and frankly he wasn’t thrilled with what he saw.  Having surfed for decades, churning through his fair share of boards, his ecological foot print seems to be placed fairly  heavily in the realms of the “one man eco disaster”.

Now there is nothing that The Surf Nomad hates more than hypocrisy except maybe sharks and unsolicited opinions from strangers.  So it is with head hung low that he walked into his garage and counted up the number of environment choking surf vehicles he had accumulated in the rack.

“Shame Nomad shame” he said to himself “you bang on about all this environmental stuff but you are as bad as the rest of em maybe even worse. ”

The Surf Nomad is not the kinda guy who sits around moping about the sins of past but with his personal ecological stocktake complete he decided that the time had come to take a stand.  Instead of ordering the new custom Firewire he’d had been saving for would instead put his tools where his mouth is and make himself a hollow wooden surfboard instead.

The challenge that The Nomad has set himself is nothing short of mammoth and along the way we have no doubt there will be a considerable amount of language that is not fit for the ears of gentle folk.   “Why would you bother trying to doing you already know how to do?” is The Surf Nomad’s creed.  That’s just how he rolls.

topsecret We managed to wrestle a copy of his Shape 3d file away from him to give you a sneak preview of the board he has in mind (whatever you do don’t tell him though) and as you can imagine it is ridiculous.  We never cease to be amazed at the crazy Ideas he has.  We are sure that you will find his wild attempts at pulling this project off entertaining as over the coming weeks we will be documenting the trials and tribulations that he encounters on his Odyssey of self discovery .

Stay tuned for updates

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  • Gregs

    Top article buddy, looking forward to future installments!!
    Strange board shape, but I’m sure there’s method behind that madness.
    Da Gregs