About the Surf Nomad



A member of a people who have no permanent abode and travel from place to place

The Surf Nomad Manifesto

From the first time you paddle into a shore break on a borrowed board surfing is all about being in motion. Going from place to place, from wave to wave, from take off to kick out, surfing is a journey that, for those of us who love it, will not end until we pull into that great big close out in the sky. The Surf Nomad is devoted to exploring that journey.

The Surf Nomad believes that pro surfing is just one branch of a much larger tree that gets more than enough exposure. As such you will not find a great deal of material here that exemplifies that particular thread. Instead, within this site, you will find examples of individuals that are following their own paths.

From backyard board makers riding their own hand built craft to pro shapers that are thinking outside the square to home movies of local carvers drawing their own lines, The Surf Nomad hopes to leave no stone unturned in our search for everything that is awesome about being a surfer. We hope that you will find as much inspiration in these pages as we do.

Carve on!

A site dedicated to the personal journey that is surfing