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5 Reasons to be Rob Machado

Reasons you wish you could be Machado

The Surf Nomad has been watching Rob Machado for years and we’re pleased to say that everything he touches seems to turn to gold. If it doesn’t turn to gold it turns into a kind of of groovy laid back purple blob of awesome and we can’t get enough of it.

There are not many people that The Surf Nomad would trade places with but if we had to pick someone then Rob would be the guy. Here are 5 reasons why we sometimes secretly wish we were Rob Machado.

1. He’s Effortlessly cool

You would have to look far and wide to find a dude that is more comfortable in his own skin than Mr Machado. This shows through in his surfing style which is so laid back The Surf Nomad sometimes thinks that he is not actually surfing but doing some kind of transcendental meditation thing that just happens to involve a wave and a surfboard. We could watch him surf all day.

2. Isn’t afraid to grab a planer:

You might not know it but Rob is pretty handy in the shaping bay and The Surf Nomad loves anyone with a can do approach to DIY. Apparently if you are in the vicinity of a Mollusc Surf Shop you might even be able to get your hands on a board that he has personally sweated over.

Check him out riding one of his own creations. You know you want one. The Surf Nomad sure as hell does.

Oh and we forgot to mention you can sneak a peek at his own personal notebook here where he keeps all his super secret Machado designs (shhhhhh don’t tell anyone)

3. Rips anywhere

From triple overhead pipe to a flowrider to a frigid standing river wave in Germany Rob Machado Turns it on wherever he goes and he don’t be complaining about this or that he just gets in there and does.

4. He is super convincing

Somehow he convinced Al Merrick to start producing single fins when nobody …. that’s right, nobody was riding them. For that alone we love the dude.

5. He’s a talented devil.

Machado has more than one string to his bow. Here he is kickin’ out the jams with Jon Swift live on Japanese radio. We’ll let his pickin’ do the talkin for him.

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